Friday, March 11, 2011


lurks at the corners of his eyes
a snaky chill brushes past him
he breathes
but the air turns prickly
an averted gaze
he suffers ignominy of loyalty
of love for a cause
a cause, as harmless as his frail widowed aai
unable to bear any longer
the forceful kicks on his shins
the repeated assaults on baiti's  honour
to bear
the pain of not committing a sin
konpona decides to walk away
leaving the plough to  bhai
maloti's love to saru pitai
konpona drinks death.
next morning
newspapers carry front page stories
of a terrorist succumbing to his sin.

baiti-elder sister

[this is not a is outpouring of an anguish i have been feeling ever since i saw the news of a young man committing suicide  because he was being deemed a the same time this isnt a political comment.its just that i had been wondering ever since what might have gone through that young man.]


Anonymous said...

oooh.just so touchy n real.i started imagining the conditions n agonising n painful

stuti goswami said...

thank you. this kind of injustice is painful indeed.