Sunday, June 22, 2008


There is no doubt that the much-hyped peace process in Asom is floundering . Yet we wonder as to what the ULFA intends to do , or rather achieve , or should we say prove , by killing innocent citizens . this is a question only a terrorist organization as the ULFA can answer.
Mr. Paresh Baruah & Co. say they want to attain independence from India . But judging by the actions of the outfit the attitude of its spokespersons --who are not few in number and who roam about the world in the guise of respectable Indian citizens ---all this high talk seems to be sadly dubious.
Having befriended some of deadliest forces in the world in the present time , we feel that probably what the ULFA means by 'independence' from India is servitude - annexation of Asom by Bangladesh . How one could be so foolhardy is difficult to fathom, for lesser mortals like us.
But , Mr. Baruah, why do you not think of all those Asomiyas residing in Asom---your own brothers and sisters who are bearing the brunt of such fatal acts as you have chosen to indulge in ?Have you ever thought about the kith and kin of other members of your outfit ?
We understand you cannot bring yourself to sympathize with the whole Asomiya population affected by the menace of terrorism ! But think at least of your mother ,and the near and dear ones here. When you order your comrades to shed blood on this land, does not it occur to you even at once that the men and women killed are also fathers and mothers --of humble sons and daughters ? That the children killed are sons and daughters of humble souls ?
Yes , these words that we are forced to pen , may not reach you at all-- unless of course your spokespersons point them out to you. And local dailies as The Sentinel are not circulated outside the nation where you reside ! Yet there is a hope called internet which you have access to.
So with the hope that your conscience might awaken one fine day , we continue passing our lives amid fear mingled with the hope and coloured with the vision that one day you , who had led a band of talented youths into the world of violence , would yourself lead those very youths back to the mainstream , there by ushering peace in this strife torn land of ours. May God bless us all!

Stuti Goswami, [11th November 2006
Cotton College 'The Sentinel']

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