Thursday, June 19, 2008

From the Editor’s desk…..
It is with profound hope, immense pleasure as also with much
expectations that we are bringing forth the third edition of 'VOICES’, a unique literary magazine of the student, and by the students of the Department of English, Cotton College.

The times are bleak, no doubt. Yet, to say that there is no silver lining beyond the dark clouds that overcast the sky would be an exaggeration to say the least. The enthusiastic response that we received while bringing out this magazine in the form of many contributions: poems, stories, write-ups et al prove beyond doubt the fact that there is no dearth of talent and brilliance in this part of the world. The need of the hour is to provide such platforms wherein such talents can flourish; and at the same time can hone their skills before taking the plunge into the turbulence of the world that lies beyond the confines of the college campus .It is our sincere endeavour to make VOICES such a one, so that these talents can blossom into pretty flowers, adorning the beautiful garden of life. Also we believe that by bringing together these sparks of hope that glimmer occasionally out of all-encompassing pall of darkness we can set afire that ‘iskra’—the grand bonfire that will devour in its flames all the vices that make the present times morose: all the while shedding light for us to take a few steps at least towards that ultimate goal of a better and brighter tomorrow which, is but a speck in the horizon.
Diverse topics have been incorporated into this magazine which reflect the major concerns of the generation it represents. By making it trilingual we wish to assert our commitment to our roots—our tradition—our language.
All said and done, I feel we have every reason to hope, nay, believe that out of the cacophony of modern existence will emanate voices that will blend to create a symphony in heralding a new dawn—a morrow hued with all the colours of the rainbow.
Our VOICES is all about this and much more. Testimonial to the dreams, hopes and aspirations and toil of a bunch of college chums—for whom under the blessed guidance of a wonderful faculty and able seniors---this has been an enriching and enlightening experience —an experience of a lifetime

Stuti Goswami.

[this was d editorial for the third edition of VOICES d annual mag of Dept. of English, Cotton College. ]

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