Tuesday, June 17, 2008

flooded land

rain is heaven pouring its love onto Mother Earth. But when one looks around today to see all the mud, slush, grime...it hardly feels so. The garbage at the sides of the road--the stinking colourful decorations on urban(e) development is a grim reminder of how far we still have to trudge till we can call ourselves 'civilised'. In fact, looking back to the past, we realize that our ancestors were far more 'civilised' , rustic though they might have been. What benefit is there of 'civilisation' in the present sense if we do not even have the basic common sense to not burn plastic, to cut down on use of polythene bags, to not throw garbage on the roads, to not spit on whitewashed walls--whether it be somebody's personal property or the governement's?The State Secretariat--how beautiful it looks from outside, isn't?Go inside--thats the real picture--betel stains have already found pride of place in probably the most important building in the state. As one top notch police official once remarked, one feels like dragging all those stain-makers to the main road and give them a public bashing. But unfortunately...if all such stain-makers of the city are to be bashed, where will we get bashers from??we'll hardly have people enough to bash them up, even if in groups? Do i sound bitter?unfortunately our people and their civic sense--or rather their lack of it --leavs one wd hardly any alternative. Even this does not suffice. Our people are beyond correction. Probably they'll mend their ways only when the mud and slush enters their bedrooms or else they themselves fall into those. But how many of our people can afford that luxury??nestled in the safe confines of their apartments/houses...moving in their cars/bikes leaves them with li'l chances of such enjoyments.So our society--we as a society will continue moving on hopelessly-till, if Providence wills--something happpens to jerk us out of our complacency. Till then we'll all continue being civilised. Each year it'll rain--we'll fret and talk--over cups of steaming tea and samosas...go to sleep. Next morning if rain abates--fine,the previous evening was a nightmare. If not--fine, we'll grumble at the sarkar and at our neighbours...cancel all our days programmes(the unfortunate among us will have to go however--the curses wl only increase) watch TV see a movie and chill out over a natural holiday!!
Eons ago, Vasudev had stealthily taken the newborn Lord Krishna trudging across flooded river from the prison room to Gokul. But then--think wat would Vasudev done had he lived in todays times??how wud he have crossed flooded rivers with baby Krishna over his head?The dirt, grime and slush probably have instigated Lord Krishna to incarnate himself on earth directly onto Gokul for fear of encountering the stink and stench--and of course the germs--of a flooded land.


Ebony Prinx said...

Liked it very much. Are the coming generations gonna do anything? I've seen 10 year olds chewing Shikhar and all that, which means they won't. What a farce!!!
Looking for more eye openers from you...

Ebony Prinx said...

In the words of Hiren Battacharya, "I don't know anything. That's why I write poems..."
I'm just flaunting the images down somewhere in me. Seriously, it takes no PROTIBHA to get them out. The raven's like a demon in me. Keep on coming back to my blog. You'll find out my symbol... a land of hope, for that matter.
And about that dark abyss, I just want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes...Think I'm gonna come back one day.