Sunday, June 22, 2008


The recent decision of the central government to suspend Army operations against the ULFA in Asom is a welcome decision . This was long overdue ; but then , it is better late than never. This announcement actually comes as a whiff of fresh air into a region wearied out by excesses of bloodshed and other vices as corruption . Once again , this region ,as the Prime Minister said in his Indepen-dence Day speech, is beginning to weave new dreams of a better and brighter tomorrow with the prospects of an end to the 27 years old insurgency saga of Asom.
But then , dreams are only dreams. There is always a big gap between a dream and realizing the same . We say so because no one can guarantee as to how far this decision (of calling of the army operation) will be effective in actually bringing an end to insurgency in Asom.
It is now an open secret that the ULFA head honchos lead lavish lifestyles under assumed names , and following this they have become mere puppets in the hands of certain anti -Indian forces backed both by Bangladesh and of course, the Pakistani ISI.
Having gone does far into the trap of these anti -Indian forces, how realistic is our that the ULFA would finally succeeded in pulling itself out of this rut ? Do not Mr. Paresh Baruah & Co stand the peril harm to themselves by incurring the wrath of the violent forces that actually relish in such anti -Indian activities(as carried on by groups like ULFA too!), and that want no good whatsoever to happen to our dear country ? This is a million -dollar question ----one that only time will tell.
As of now , we can do nothing but wait , watch and , of course, hope for the best---- after all, it is hope that has carried us all along these two-and-a-half decades of turbulence and bloodshed in our state.
Mr. paresh Baruah , are you listening ? Or is your conscience dead already ? It is time you answered.

Stuti Goswami, [25th August 2006
Cotton College 'The Sentinel']

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