Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Value of Friendship

The gruesome murder of Purnam Hazarika has sent shock waves throughout the state, especially in Jorhat, since Jorhat was the home town of Purnam. The worst part of the whole incident is that Purnam was brutally killed by his very own friends. Seeing all this, one cannot help saying that moral values are on the brink of extinction today. Friendship, trust, love—all these words carry no meaning for the modern youths of our society I am sure that after learning about this gruesome act, there could be many a student who would find it difficult to believe or confide in his closest friends. Today I am distancing myself from my best friend, because, who knows, that very friend might try to harm me in future. So it is better if I keep myself at a safe distance from my friend. Otherwise I would have to pay heavily the price for it. But why am I thinking so? Why should these thoughts come to my mind? The answer is simple. Today’s world is so full of hatred, violence, greed, etc., that one cannot but ponder over these thoughts. And Purnam’s murder bears ample testimony to all this.
Moreover, we hope and pray that these dark days would be over, and thus would begin new era filled with peace. We also take this opportunity to offer our condolences to the bereaved family of Purnam. May his soul rest in peace.

Stuti Goswami
Don Bosco High School [ Pub.8/5/2001 , 'The Sentinel']
Baghchung, Jorhat, Asom

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