Sunday, June 22, 2008


Sir, Suspected ULFA militant have blown up another oil pipeline in Sibsagar district , causing losses worth probably crores of rupees. It is really intriguing as to what the ULFA intends to achieve by such dastardly , and more importantly , foolhardy acts. The ULFA was formed with the objective of gaining independence of Asom. With their genuine grievances against the Central Government , probably, those talented youths were justified in taking up fire-arms at that point of time. But the misdeeds of these youths have raised infinite queries in our minds regarding their sincerity in espousing the professed goals . With this organization's overt and covert support to the illegal migrants and simultaneous attempts at various times to drive out the migrants from other states of India , the original goals, are probably vague memories in the minds of ULFA leaders. With the irreparable losses these miscreants are incurring on Asom, I wonder as to how deplorable the condition of our dear state will be by the time when - or rather , if -we somehow manage to attain independence. For by then we shall be an impoverished lot--robbed of our sources of revenue that are being destroyed mindlessly as the recent blasts in oil pipelines show . It is time to ponder as to whether the dreams and visions the ULFA is pursuing are really dreams and not mirages.-- Yours etc.

Stuti Goswami , [6th December, 2006
Cotton College, 'The Assam Tribune']

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