Wednesday, June 18, 2008

meandering thoughts!

would you know my name , asked clapton--if i saw u in heaven???
But heaven has no place for tears. Heaven--paradise--swarg--god's country...and what not.
But where does that holy land reside. Isn't it in us?
Like the billions and zillions of sunspots that together make up sun's incessant beam of light, so also the trillions and zillions of li'l specks of souls within each tiny particle of life--that makes up the over-soul. The Universal set comprising all the small and big sets--including the null . The Universe--in its cosmic-metaphysic manifestation--is like a Venn diagram . You can simply denote it--draw it-figure things out. But cannot grasp it with your both hands. Yet--with the innumerable tentacles of your mind, you can reach out to the farthest corner of the Universe and bring it within your control. You can "squeeze the universe into a li'l ball and...even play with it"
Then, if that be universe, what is Heaven?the uppermost orb in man's universe--the universe that scientists call brain.the universe the mystic will call mind....the twenty-thousand lotus petals over ones head--that ultimate point when one has awakened ones kundalini...........and what not.
Reader--These are reflections of a meandering association of thoughts...a stream of consciousness...mixed distillation of a flux!!
confused are you??or confused m i?well once again its all up to you --the Ball is in your court.
For reader--in writing these penultimate words of this spontaneous outpourings of a meandering mind.... the author is DEAD already!

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